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Yonex EZone 100 G Tennis Racket (Customised Restring)
Yonex EZone 100 G Tennis Racket (Customised Restring)
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Choose String, if no string is selected racket will be supplied unstrung


String Tension, only required if choosing string upgrade


Optional offers with this racket


  •   Isometric
  •   Micro Offset Layout
  •   Aero Shape
  •   Dual Shut System
  •   Shockless Grommets
  •   Oval Pressed Shaft
  •   Quake Shut Gel


Weight 300 g
Length 27 mm
Head Size 100 sq/in
Balance 320 mm
Construction HM Graphite/Nano DR/Hyper MG


Yonex E-Zone 100 tennis racket has been designed to give players increased flex and repulsion for dynamic power with increased feel. Features include:-

Isometric Head Shape - an improved grommet system, applying both deep and shallow grooves inside of the frame increases the sweetspot by 7%. This allows greater swing speed even on off centre hits and increases power.

Micro Offset Layout - precise engineering of the grommets provides straighter alignment of the strings which allows the strings to absorb vibrations at impact and increase comfort.

Hyper MG - a firm hyper modulus graphite has been placed on the upper hoop for reinforcement which results in the frame bending less and provides greater power.

Aeroshape - this design has been created to deliver high replusion and heavy top spin, by introducing a greater variance in thickness between the racket frame and shaft. This combination naturally delivers greater repulsion in every shot and sends returns downcourt with greater top spin.

O.P.S (Oval Pressed Shaft) manufacturing technology introduces rounder shaft corners providing an ideal level of flex, whilst a wider shaft face increases stability - resulting in extended ball dwell time for optimised ball spin and directional control.

Dual Shut System increases comfort and control. Shockless grommets at the bottom of the frame reduce impact vibration. Quake Shut Gel is embedded in the handle to reduce vibration by 50%.

Unless a customised restring is selected, racket is supplied unstrung and comes with a cover.

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